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SpeedyPay | A new way to get paid

Seamless bank to bank payments
through a link or QR code.

Cardless and secure.

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Don't get lumbered
with the bill

Get paid by your friends
easily, quickly and for free

Don't get lumbered with the bill

Use SpeedyPay to create and share a link.
Enable your friends to pay by their trusted banking app
without entering a sort code and account number.

Generate QR codes and
receive payments in any
physical environment:

Customers scan unique QR codes
via their smartphone and pay by their bank:

Generate QR codes and receive payments
  • Cash-free and cardless
  • Very low cost and no hardware required
  • QR codes can be displayed in advertising or on products

Receive funds instantly into your bank account
Reduce your transaction costs and overheads

Committed to
supporting UK charities

An efficient and fair solution for charities.

Committed to supporting UK charities

No costs involved, no hardware is required
and importantly 100% of the donation
will go to the charity.

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Frequently Asked Questions F.A.Q.

What is a payment request and how does it work?

A payment request is a unique link generated by SpeedyPay that you can send to anyone whose contact details you have, whether a friend, family member, colleague, or even a customer.

How can I send my payment requests?

These can be sent as a link via any messaging service on your phone e.g SMS, Whatsapp, Email, Messenger or Airdrop; or scanned as a QR Code.

How payments are made?

By a bank transfer, from the payer’s own banking app.

How long does it take to me to receive funds in my bank account? Which UK banks are supported?

Real-time transferral of funds, with connectivity to over 50 UK banks.

How secure is it?

Very secure. It uses bank-level security and no sensitive data is shared by the payer or recipient.

How much does it cost?

Generating and sending payment requests can be done with available Credits. We do not decrease the number of Credits during the creation of payment requests, it will only be decreased if the payer makes an actual payment of a payment request which has been created by you. Initially, SpeedyPay will give you 5 free Credits. Please refer to the Buy Credits section at Speedypay for the actual prices.

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The SpeedyPay app is provided by Ecospend Technologies Ltd. certified by FCA as PISP (Payment Initiation Service Provider) and AISP (Account Information Service Provider)